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It was founded as a company whose sector experience coming from the past in the year 2014, gives the production, export and service to its clients in Turkey and in the growing World market.
In the short time, our company, which has expanded the customer portfolio, focused on investment in the sector to be able to provide its customers better service in 2015.
In this respect, our company has succeeded in keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by meeting the demands from our company’s customers with the highest quality, affordable prices and quickly.
Turkey Home Textile carries successfully out manufacturing and exporting of home textile products to Russia, America, European Countries and Middle East Countries.
Our company which completed the preparations for the electronic commerce infrastructure in late 2015, established product supply for online platforms in Turkey and worldwide and online sales network for end users in 2016.
Behind this success, our company’s respect for its work, excellent and fast service and our team’s experience in this sector exist.

‘’Just Imagine’’

As Turkey Home Textile, we produce fireproof fabric, waterproof fabric, oil repellent fabric, ultra-soft fabric, harsh feel finish fabric and many other special fabrics in special fabrics group.

 ”We care about your health”

 Our products carry organic – antibacterial – antimicrobial – antiallergic – antifungal features. As a company, we keep health of children and adults in the first plan.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Turkey Home Textile takes the high quality product and service with reasonable prices, providing in the short time and keeping the customer’s satisfaction at the highest level for itself as a mission.

Our Vision

Turkey Home Textile has made it a goal to be one of the major producers and suppliers of the world. It is rapidly progressing towards becoming a company that can respond to all kinds of requests in the Home Textile sector.


Turkey Home Textile is established by Yalcin Global

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We envision a global textile industry that protect and restore the environment and enhances lives optimally.

Topraklık Mahallesi 2233 Sokak No:24 Pamukkale DENIZLI-TURKEY
+90 258 241 01 27
Turkey Home Textile


+90 258 241 01 27

Turkey Home Textile


+90 258 241 01 27