In 2014, the experience of sector, coming from the past, it has been founded as a company, gives export and service to customers in the growing world market, Turkey in particular.

Our company has extended the customers portfolio has started to give better service to customers. In the year of 2015 by focusing on the investment in the sector, it has increased the capacity.

Thus, by meeting quality, reasonably priced and swiftly the demands which has been coming from the customers. It has achieved in keeping customer satisfaction in high level.

YALCIN GLOBAL has succesfully carried out the production and export of home textile products to Russia, America, European Countries and Middle East Countries.

As YALCIN GLOBAL Group of Companies, with our companies Imtexpro Germany ( Europe Import Export), Renginiz Electronical Services Corp. ( Electronical Trade Services and Consultancy), we have given the service to you our valuable customers.

“Just Imagine”

As YALCIN GLOBAL, we produce fireproof fabric in the group of special fabrics, waterproof fabric, oil repelling fabric, ultra soft fabric, harsh feel finished fabric and many more special fabric production.

“We care about your health”

Our products carry the features of organic – antibacterial – antimicrobial – antiallergic – antifungal. As company, we prioritize the health of our kids and our elders.

Our Mission

YALCIN GLOBAL take providing the high quality product and service at reasonable prices, in the short time and keeping the customer satisfaction at a high level as a mission.

Our Vision

YALCIN GLOBAL aim for being one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of the world. It gains rapidly ground in the way of being a company which can answer each demand in the home textile sector.