From Dream to Design...

Why confine your brand to standard sizes, hues or patterns? With Turkey Home Textile, the universe of home textiles is at your fingertips. Dive into a spectrum of endless colors, choose from a diverse array of fabric qualities and be inspired by designs that echo both uniqueness and utmost comfort.

Our mission is perfecting every detail. Offering you and your own customers the ability to make your dreams come true, with your own design and your own signature.

Understanding the importance of trust in craftsmanship, we are taking a step closer to you. Our minimum order quantity has been adjusted, inviting you to immerse yourself in the quality we stand by—ensuring that every piece resonates with the elegance and precision your brand deserves.


Tailored Excellence

Create a brand that resonates with people and delve into the intricate world of home textiles with us. It’s more than just a fabric – it’s about diving into the realm of sanctuaries that we call “home”. As people we want to surround ourselves with comfort, quality and aesthetics.

Consider superior fabric options, captivating patterns, boundless color shades, and distinct embroidery designs in order to decorate these wonderful sanctuaries. The harmonious collaboration of the finest Turkish cotton and stylish patterns form a cherished lifestyle brand in the home textile realm.

Here at Turkey Home Textile, our heart beats for craftsmanship that stands out. The comfort that you can feel with every touch, the quality that will keep you company for a lifetime and patterns that will soothe your soul and renew your energy every single day!

Moreover, our commitment goes beyond aesthetics. We’re actively expanding our portfolio with eco-friendly fabric alternatives, ensuring a symbiotic relationship with our planet. Proudly certified by renowned institutions like OEKO-TEX®, we guarantee the eco-integrity of our offerings.

At Turkey Home Textile, our vision is clear: To harmonize beauty with quality. From plush bathrobes and towels to sumptuous pillows, duvets, and sheets – every weave, every stitch aims for perfection. With us, experience design that’s always stylish, always comfortable.

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