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  • Duvet Cover Sets

  • Bedspread 
  • Bedsheet
  • Towel and Towel Sets
  • Bathrobe and Bathrobe Sets
  • Pillow and Quilt
  • Pique
  • Peshtemal 
  • Baby Products
  • Blanket 

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Hotel Textile

  • Striped and Flat Duvet Cover
  • Bedsheet
  • Pillow Case
  • Pillow and Quilt
  • Hand Towel
  • Bath Towel
  • Face Towel
  • Foot Towel 
  • Blanket 
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Hospital Textile

  • Antibacterial Duvet Cover
  • Antibacterial Bedsheet
  • Antibacterial Pillow Case
  • Antibacterial Blanket
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We use 100% cotton, organic cotton and bamboo yarns in our products that are produced in accordance with high quality standards with different designs. We reshape the yarn with our designs that appeal to different styles. We care about our collections including customer’s demand, which are renewed every year, to manage the balance of ease of use, quality and elegance in a good way and offer products suitable for the need. We show that quality is never a coincidence through keeping our service and product quality at the utmost level.


Cotton is grown in a warm and humid climate. The length of the fibers are between 10-15mm. When cotton yarns desired to be more resisting, mercerizing required with sdcocytes. Cotton Thread can be produced  in three various quality and thicknesses. The raw material of cotton consists from natural cotton produces in cotton fields.


Organic Cotton is produced by completely natural methods according to conventional cotton and provides sustainable agriculture by supporting the protection of nature. With the decision to produce organic cotton, the organic production process begins, an application is made for certification processes, the most suitable area for organic production is determined, and this process continues until the organic seed is transformed into the final stage of production and textile product. Organically produced cotton is kept separate from traditional cotton and treated separately during the transportation, ginning, storage and textile stages.


It has a naural antibacteriel ingredient thanks to its antibacterial content called ‘Bambu Kun’ and it preserves this speciality even after being  washed many times. Due to its natural antibacterial ingredient it does not cause allergic formations on human skin. The fibers that made from bamboo have high elasticity and they offer many mesmerizing features like; presenting the closest feeling of softness to the cashmere and silk touch, it gives a feeling of coolness and lightness, it absorbs moisture in the body instantly and does not sweat, compared to cotton it is softer, breaking ultraviolet (UV) lights.