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Turkish Home Textile | http://www.turkeyhomtextile.com

They are the materials that increase the life quality in the places which the families and individuals have lived, provide the possibility to perform activities like rest, eating, cleaning which is the daily necessities of individuals.

The materials which have been used in Turkish Home Textile products are very important. It is very important that home textile products which touch to our skin doesn’t include carcinogenic material. So the home textile products which carry the feature of  100% cotton and cotton fibers have been preferred.

Besides the comfort to use, we have also avoided synthetic substances that harm our health. The attention should be paid to this criterion in the home textile products which directly touch particularly like duver cover set, towel, bathrobe.


Wholesale Duvet Cover

It means that the textile products which is used to cover the covers like quilt, blanket etc. and stitched open one edge.


What are the features in the set?

The set can be produced in different thread count and different yarns. There is duvet cover set starting from 32 Thread count to 120 thread count.

What does the thread count state?

The thread count, which is used in set, determine the duvet cover set quality. It is a term which states the thread count in 1 square centimeter. The higher the number of thread count, the higher the yarn density and fabric will get softer structure.

Which one is the ideal thread count?

Duvet cover set, which is from 57/cm2 and 83/cm2 thread count for daily usage, is ideal one for usage. The set, which is produced from 57/cm2, is named as ranforce. The set, which is produced from 83/cm2, is also named as cotton satin. The best and the most comfortable one from this group is duvet cover set from 83/cm2. It is both useful and comfortable.

What should be paid attention when buying a set?

The biggest factor which should be paid attention by buying a duvet covis yarn type and thread count which is used. There are many set models. There are the models from 100% polyester, cotton – polyester and cotton yarn. But the most preferred and the most comfortable to use are ones that produced from 100% cotton thread count between 57/cm2 and 83/cm2.

Printing quality is also importat. On the printing, if there is any invisible film layer, it is unbreathable and unqualified printing method. Understanding this is simple. When you have touched the product, if there is any toughness, it means that thread count and printing have been produced as unqualitied.

The best printing method is reactive, namely, breathable printing method. The set, which is produced from 100% cotton yarn with breathable printing method, doesn’t make sweating during sleep. It doesn’t give nylon feeling and provide a comfortable sleep.

Our whole set have been produced from 100% cotton yarn and presented to use. We present a high usage comfort with our quality products and increase the sleep quality.


Bedspread hidg quality.. Turkey Bedspread

It can be considered as a product which will accompany to beds and another sitting group since it is light due to its material. These bedspread can be chosen with quilts in the cold weathers together by accompanying piques when used in bed and hot weathers. Use of these bedspread which you can use as top layer of your bed should be chosen in the hugeness which generally hangs down from the bed.

Bedspread models that have a considerable effect on the decoration of our bedroom are an important part of the decoration in modern bedrooms even if they are used as dust preventer in traditional bedrooms. To have a stylish bedroom, you should consider of taking this product to your list. Choice belongs to you by choosing the right bedspread!

The bedspread products which appeal to eact tastes with beautiful and different models which we have produced as jacquard, quilted and knitting techniques, have been produced at the high quality standar.

It has been planned to adapt the whole rooms by being divergently produced in each color and model. Our models dimensions have been kept larger than normal dimensions and can easily cover the each corner of bed.

Its easy washing and easy ironing feature provide the ease of use. Due to light structure, it is not tiring like cumbersome bedspread.

We keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level in our models which we have kept different models and style together.

Towel and Towel Set
Turkish Home Textile Towel Series

The oldest source in the history shows that towel is derived from ‘hav’ word which means that thin and soft pile. The fact that the appendix added to the end of the word Hav did not evolve into the + lı because of the Turkish grammar. That is to say that was not used as havlı. It is indicated that the word was perceived as an independent name in the 17th century.

Archeological studies belong to medieval age had already supported this information. It is indicated that towel started to be firstly used in Bursa in 17th century. We guess it goes to show that the best quality towels of the world are produced in our country.

The towel type, was recorded as “Pestemal” in the previous period, produced from cotton or linen. It has become famous for “Turkish Towel” all over the world. While it had been produced in the length but also narrow could completely surround the body before. After that, it was started to be used as larger.

Denizli has achieved to be a world brand in the matter of towel and presented the towel production in the different styles at the highest quality. Turkish Towel has started to be used in the each point of the world and has become famous for its quality.

What is the criteria in choosing towel?

While choosing a towel, be careful that it woven from which material. Be careful about weight on label. Deep boucles and hump indicate that a towel is of good quality. The softener as alone is not enough to make the towels soft. The most important indicator of a good quality towel is high water absorbency. The best towels are towels that do not harden on the fabric surface after washing.

We are a company keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by always protecting high quality standards in our Towel and Towel Set products. There is a wide range of model and option in towel and towel set from cotton, bamboo and organic cotton yarns.

Our towel and towel set groups such as; hand towel, bath towel, kitchen towel, tea towel, hammam set appeal to different model and styles. It is a product which presents together with quality and elegance. It is suitable for usage for long years.

We bring into use our towels, designed especially paying attention our customers to use comfortable while producing towels. We subject them to washing resistance and different tests.

We are happy to offer the rich options and renewed collections every year in our towel and towel set products in our products to our valued customers.

Bathrobe and Bathrobe Set

Turkish Home Textile Bathroom Series..

Towel dress used after bath are kid necesarry to each home. But as the heritage of Refia Sultan shows, in İstanbul bathrobe come into use of some part in the half of 19th Century.

Bathrobe actually means “burnus” in Arabic and hooded robe. Beside of meaning sleeved, hooded hammam towel is in the form of “bornüz” and “bürnüz” in ottoman turkish. Additionally, meaning  of the clothes they wear on the Arabs are also found. It was brought to Istanbul by the sailors who had relations with North Africa.

While the dress of Malta chevalier before, as determined in 1814, it turned into the bath dress. It impossible to determine whether there is a French effect or not in the beginning to use the bathrobe in bathroom. Because Turkey doesn’t have a historical dictinonary. However, Denizli towel and bathrobe was always famous.

There is a wide range of model, fabric diversity in Bathrobe & Bathrobe Set. This products produced from bamboo fabric, cotton fabric and organic cotton fabrics appeals to each tastes.

Bamboo bathrobe and bathrobe set products have so soft structure. Beside fast water absorbent feature, it has also quick dry feature. Due to antibacterial feature in the core of bamboo fiber, bamboo sets doesn’t form bacteria.

Our cotton set presents with the ease of use and elegance with washing resistance and special designs patterns. It is the most preferred bathrobe and sets which is produced from 100% cotton yarn all over Turkey and world.

Saying the organic cotton, just only babies come to mind. However, there is bathrobe and bathrobe set produced from 100% organic cotton we have designed special for our elders. Organic cotton is presented to use without processing any chemical. It increases both healthy usage and comfort to high level.

We are proud that our bathrobe is used all over Turkey and world with a wide range of product diversity by appealing to each tastes.