Bathrobe and Bathrobe Set

Bathrobe and Bathrobe Set

Bathrobe and bathrobe set |

Towel dress used after bath are kid necesarry to each home. But as the heritage of Refia Sultan shows, in İstanbul bathrobe come into use of some part in the half of 19th Century.

Bathrobe actually means “burnus” in Arabic and hooded robe. Beside of meaning sleeved, hooded hammam towel is in the form of “bornüz” and “bürnüz” in ottoman turkish. Additionally, meaning  of the clothes they wear on the Arabs are also found. It was brought to Istanbul by the sailors who had relations with North Africa.

While the dress of Malta chevalier before, as determined in 1814, it turned into the bath dress. It impossible to determine whether there is a French effect or not in the beginning to use the bathrobe in bathroom. Because Turkey doesn’t have a historical dictinonary. However, Denizli towel and bathrobe was always famous.

There is a wide range of model, fabric diversity in Bathrobe & Bathrobe Set. This products produced from bamboo fabric, cotton fabric and organic cotton fabrics appeals to each tastes.

Bamboo bathrobe and bathrobe set products have so soft structure. Beside fast water absorbent feature, it has also quick dry feature. Due to antibacterial feature in the core of bamboo fiber, bamboo sets doesn’t form bacteria.

Our cotton set presents with the ease of use and elegance with washing resistance and special designs patterns. It is the most preferred bathrobe and sets which is produced from 100% cotton yarn all over Turkey and world.

Saying the organic cotton, just only babies come to mind. However, there is  set produced from 100% organic cotton we have designed special for our elders. Organic cotton is presented to use without processing any chemical. It increases both healthy usage and comfort to high level.

We are proud that our bathrobe is used all over Turkey and world with a wide range of product diversity by appealing to each tastes.