Dowry Set

Saying proposal, engagement, wedding, and these process goes on rapidly. But going on rapidly, it won’t be very easy. Suddenly, you start to prepare set. Pre-marriage, one of the preparation bride-to-be pays the attention is the preparation of dowry as well. Bride-to-be enters in extra effort in the matter of selecting the favorite and the most beautiful items for home which they will step into a new life. That’s why, they can mostly live stress. Especially, much more attention is given to details such as lace and bedroom.

In Turkey and a lot of cultures, dowry preparations are made in this way. We would like to do our best for a house with special items for the couples which is going to be newly married.

In our set groups, we are in service in second different product groups constitute from ranforce and cotton satin fabric in order to appeal each tastes.

Cotton satin dowry set has been produced from 100% cotton yarn and consists of 83 thread yarn per 1 cm2. This situation increases the comfort of use and decreases the deformation. In the same time, the dowry set group is processed with mercerization has a shiny structure. It doesn’t lose this brightness after washing.

As for, our other model is our dowry set group produced from ranforce fabric. These products are also manufactured from 100% cotton yarn and consists of 57 thread yarn per 1 cm2. Ranforce models mostly preferred in daily usage take slowly place in the dowry set.

Our whole dowry set includes 7 pieces as total. Our sets complete with pique in summer and with duvet cover in winter, have been produced in the form which can be easily used for long years.