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Duvet Cover
What ıs duvet cover set?

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It means that the textile products which is used to cover the covers like quilt, blanket etc. and stitched open one edge.


What are the features in the set?

The set can be produced in different thread count and different yarns. There is duvet cover set starting from 32 Thread count to 120 thread count.

What does the thread count state?

The thread count, which is used in set, determine the duvet cover set quality. It is a term which states the thread count in 1 square centimeter. The higher the number of thread count, the higher the yarn density and fabric will get softer structure.

Which one is the ideal thread count?

Duvet cover set, which is from 57/cm2 and 83/cm2 thread count for daily usage, is ideal one for usage. The set, which is produced from 57/cm2, is named as ranforce. The set, which is produced from 83/cm2, is also named as cotton satin. The best and the most comfortable one from this group is duvet cover set from 83/cm2. It is both useful and comfortable.

What should be paid attention when buying a set?

The biggest factor which should be paid attention by buying a duvet covis yarn type and thread count which is used. There are many set models. There are the models from 100% polyester, cotton – polyester and cotton yarn. But the most preferred and the most comfortable to use are ones that produced from 100% cotton thread count between 57/cm2 and 83/cm2.

Printing quality is also importat. On the printing, if there is any invisible film layer, it is unbreathable and unqualified printing method. Understanding this is simple. When you have touched the product, if there is any toughness, it means that thread count and printing have been produced as unqualitied.

The best printing method is reactive, namely, breathable printing method. The set, which is produced from 100% cotton yarn with breathable printing method, doesn’t make sweating during sleep. It doesn’t give nylon feeling and provide a comfortable sleep.

Our whole set have been produced from 100% cotton yarn and presented to use. We present a high usage comfort with our quality products and increase the sleep quality.