Hospital Textile

Hospital Textile

Our hospitals is an important constitution takes on blessed tasks. It is a must that the whole materials are hygienic since our patients don’t catch an infection and bacteria.

Especially the inpatients’ sheets, mattress protectors, pillows and cases, given towels are produced anti-bacterial and infections and bacteria should be prevented from reproduction.

In hospital textile products, the most preferred products are waterproof mattress cover, bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow and pillow cases.

These products have been produced special for our hospitals. It is a subject to be taken care in the terms of both washing resistance and also anti-bacterial.

Our company hold washing resistance and anti-bacterial fabric feature in the hospital textile products we have produced special for our hospitals as standard.

Our company which gives the service to demand with used several times or single use only products, follow a successful way in hospital products.

Hospital products can be produced in desired size and colors, have been manufactured suitable for high quality standards and hard usage conditions.

According to completely demand;

  • Cotton Yarn
  • Polyester Yarn
  • Cotton/Polyester Yarn

We have been produced according to requests in terms of ease of use and washing.

With our special blends which prevent staining and bacteria formation, we provide a comfortable use comfort by adding a different feature to the fabric.

Our aim is that in the hospital products, being able to give high quality and a good service.

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