Hotel Textıle Product

Hotels which are preferred for holiday and accommodation contain different concepts and styles. Textile materials are indispensable for hotel sector which services for completely customer satisfaction. The products suitable for many hotel concepts have been produced and quality service comes into sustainable.

When someone says that hotel textile, many product options come to mind. The circulation of hotels are in a high structure. This situation is a factor that states there won’t be any unqualified product in the constitution.

There are the biggest 2 criterias in the hotel textile products. First one should be high washing resistance. The second one is quality and comfort as well. Hotel customers always prefer the comfort. The large part of this comfort belongs to hotel textile products.

The product should has wash resistant, product structure should not deformate after washing and it should not make concessions of touch. Hotel managers, therefore, need to prioritize the quality in the textile products.



Hotel Towel

There is a wide range of towel model produced according to demands. As company, in hotel towels, we give service with products produced from 100% cotton 20/2 ring spun. We achive the productions in the required dimensions and weight 30x30cm 50x70cm, 50x90cm, 50x100cm, 70x140cm, 100x150cm. Our whole hotel towel models are dyed with optic white. Applying extra soft finishing, usage comfort has been increased to high level. Due to high hydrophilic structure, it has high water absorbency feature. Wanted towel types such as; face towel, hair towel, foot towel, bath towel can be produced in the wanted designs. According to our hotels desire, in our beach towel production with logo, wanted weight and colors have been applied. Wholesale hotel towel. Turkish hotel towel different models wholesale and production


Hotel Bathrobe

Our hotel bathrobe models which is produced in special design for our hotels have been produced from 100% cotton yarn. We add optic white dye or eye-brightening liveliness in bathrobe groups called as shawl collar or kimono produced from 16/1 open-end or 20/2 ring spun according to demands. Our products, which have high hydrophilic structure and fast water absorbency feature, have ultra soft structure. If you, we can make embroidered your hotel logo as special and we can produce a special design completely for you.

Hotel Pillow and Quilt Group

In our hotels, sleep comfort is very important. There is no other thing like a beautiful sleep in order to relieve the tiredness of day. Providing sleep comfort is a hard work, but also enjoyable work for hotels.

Our hotel pillows have been produced from 100% cotton 57/cm2 outer fabric. According to demand, it has been filled with bead silicone fiber between 800gr – 1200 gr.For our hotels, the favorite one is the hotel pillows which have 1000 gr 100% cotton outer fabric.

In our duvet groups, we also apply large quilted stitchings and prevent that the fibers spread out. The bead silicone filling changing according to demand between 300gr/m2 – 500gr/m2 and our quilt models constituted from 100% cotton 57/cm2 outer fabric provide high usage comfort with breathable structure.



Hotel Duvet Cover – Hotel Pillow Case – Hotel Bedsheet Group

Our hotel duvet cover and bedsheet groupd which have been especially produced from 83 – 120 thread count (210 TC – 305 TC) for our hotels, provide high washing resistance and high usage comfort.

In our products, produced from completely 100% cotton yarn, the production in the required dimensions and models have been carried out. We carry out our production special for our hotels with striped satins, plain product group and jacquard designs. Just demand, we produce. There is our production in the required dimension, required color and model. Duvet cover set, pillow case and bedsheet models special for your demand have been carefully produced.

Hotel Blanket

Polar, welsoft, rashel woven blanket models have been produced in the required weight and colors according to demands. We produce the suitable blanket models for our hotels’ demands with special dimensions, special designs at the high quality standard.


Wholesale Hotel Textile Turkey

The products which is mostly needed for our hotels have been shortly mentioned above. It is unfortunately impossible that we explain the whole products here. For your requirements, if you contact us and send your list, we will be glad to help you in the whole hotel group products.

Wholesale hotel textile Turkey. Different models towel, bathrobe, duvet cover wholesale and production. Wholesale hotel towel, striped hotel bed sheet. Turkey Home Textile high quality product.

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